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Your program alerted me to news on GBT this morning allowing me to sell for very nice profit. The alert quoted Briefing. I would have overlooked this alert the way I had been using Briefing.

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Sometimes news which comes from the mainstream media is already anticipated and is said to be "priced in". But, you can receive news before it hits the mainstream media by adding targeted RSS feeds. There has been a recent explosion in the number and type of RSS feeds available to the investor community. Add feeds for employee or expert blogs, special interest sites, corporate news feeds, stock discussion forums, search engine RSS feeds from Google or MSN to name just a few. This creates an "Underground News Network" which can keep you ahead-of-the-curve and allow you to make phenomenal profits by taking advantage of opportunities early before information diffuses through the mainstream news media.

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You can assign any number of feeds to a ticker and the new feeds will be automatically color coded when you chart them using the NewsChart system. You're invited to learn about some of the key benefits of StockSpy by hovering each of the blue "hot-spots" with your mouse on the StockSpy interface below! Instant access with subscription!

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  4. Integrating news feeds into Stock Price Charts is a fantastic idea! Get StockSpy Now! In the demo StockSpy charts the news of stocks traded on these exchanges: Americas.

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    But most investors are missing out on opportunities to make phenomenal profit from the news. Or even worse, they can't track the news in their current investments! The reason investors don't take advantage of the news is obvious - It's too hard! It can be very difficult to keep up to date and understand the importance of the news.

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    Once you Try Stock Spy we think you'll agree that it's a groundbreaking investor tool which unleashes the potential hidden within stock news. Stock Spy enables you to easily visualize and pinpoint important company events directly on a stock chart to make smart investment decisions, faster!

    You can quickly see where a stock has been, where it's going and why.

    It gives you the edge, whether you are a professional trader , an individual investor or brand new to the stock market. Mesa, Arizona.

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