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For example, Android has, for some time, allowed users to use two applications running simultaneously side by side, something that is still restricted to iPads and Macs. We have put together a comparison of the key differences between the operating systems, which can be found here. It's worth noting that given the Galaxy S8 Plus has been out since April , the phone has seen a slight price cut, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus will cost you the same as did it at launch. That stark difference in prices serves to magnify the problems facing the iPhone 8. With the Galaxy S8, not only are you getting functionality that rivals the iPhone, it's packaged in a next-generation design using far better screen hardware.

In many ways the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better compared to the iPhone X, given they are both flagship products and follow similar design philosophies. However, given the prices of Apple's new smartphones, the iPhone 8 Plus is in direct competition with the S8 Plus, which is unfortunate. The S8 Plus is simply a greater leap forward in smartphone design, and aside from an incredibly powerful processor, the iPhone 8 is outmatched in almost every way.

Mobile spy iphone X or samsung galaxy s8+

Worst of all, it's now more expensive than the S8 Plus, meaning only die-hard Apple fans will come down on the side of the iPhone. It's difficult to tell just yet whether Apple's decision to offer a 'budget' alternative to the iPhone X to compete against the Galaxy S8 was a death sentence for the smartphone, but what we can say is that with Samsung's device you get far more for your money.

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A more efficient processor means faster downloads, longer battery life, and less wasted energy. The DeX dock plugs into a monitor, keyboard and mouse so this phone can be used to power an Android-based desktop computer experience. The new Gear camera looks even more promising, and can connect to the phone to live-stream degree video to Facebook or YouTube.

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Apple's new iPhone X is a glimpse into the future. After a day with the iPhone X, while Face ID isn't perfect, and the 'notch' is an annoyance, the iPhone X is a glimpse into the future of phones and the best handset of the market by a long way.

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Shinola hopes to banish Beats with the best looking headphones around. You must know the passcode to the device if it has one. Some features advanced features require additional device configuration rooting before installing FlexiSPY on the device. Rooting is included in our remote installation service. Click here to see a list of Android features.

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What is tethered mode? If installing on iOS 9. Find out more here , or speak to live chat. Features currently not supported iOS To check the iPhone version follow these steps Go to Settings.

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Go to General. Go to About. The iPhone version will be shown.

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Device Requirements You will need to get physical access to the device. Fingerprint scanners are great, and the iPhone 7's Touch ID sensor is about as good as it gets. Still lining up on the front of the device, it's more accessible than Samsung's rear-mounted offering on the S8 too. Thanks to the new Samsung phone, however, biometric security is moving beyond the tips of your fingers. That's because the S8 boasts new facial recognition technology, with the front-facing camera able to address the unique features of your face and unlock the device when it sees that you, and only you, are holding the device.

In practice it's effortless, quick and creates a seamless experience that sees the phone unlock as soon as you lift it within your eye line. There is still a need for inbuilt fingerprint scanners — such as for NFC mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay — and here the iPhone 7 is still king.

In terms of general security and easy of use, however, the S8's new face-friendly feature has it beat. It's fine, you can admit it, you're a selfie addict. So are we, and there's nothing wrong with that.

iPhone 8 Camera Test vs Galaxy S8 & iPhone 7!

Well, so long as the phone you've got pointing at your face is worthy of that grade-A trout pout you're pulling. The iPhone 7 is no slouch when it comes to selfies. The phone's 7-megapixel FaceTime camera is perfectly adept at filling your Facebook feed with endless poses. The S8, however is taking things a step further. Why does this number matter? Well, the wider the aperture, the more light the camera allows in, and the more light that comes in, the brighter, sharper and deeper the resulting shot. This is especially key when your selfie sessions are at a club, on a night out or anywhere that's generally a bit gloomy.

The wider aperture will transform those once blurry snaps into a gallery of memorable snapshots. Further appeasing all our selfie-loving ways, the S8's camera app comes with a range of filters, stickers and effects built in. It's not quite Snapchat levels of support, but there's enough to transform your snaps from yet another vanity shot to something truly shareable. The Android vs iOS debate is one that will rage long into the night and comes into sharper focus than ever with the S8 and iPhone 7.

Like design, Apple has long had the jump on the competition when it comes to certain software elements.

Mobile spy iphone X vs galaxy s8+

While it remains untouched when it comes to speedy update rollouts, the Galaxy S8's new Android-skinning Samsung UX has the iPhone 7's iOS 10 efforts matched for simplicity, elegance and ease of use. Where the S8, like so many Android handsets, has the iPhone 7 beat, however, are with its customisation updates.

With Apple's phone you can change your wallpaper and