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A Nokia representative has not returned a request for comment, most likely due to the Easter extended holiday. It is unclear how long would Nokia take to roll out a proper fix. In the meantime, users are advised to switched to another mode of authentication, such as using facial recognition, a PIN code, or a password. This incident isn't Nokia's first problematic firmware update either. Last month, Nokia accidentally shipped a firmware update to Nokia 7 Plus devices that collected users' data and sent it to a server located in China.

At the time, Nokia said the data collection component was designed for the Chinese market to comply with local data collection laws , and was accidentally included in the firmware version deployed to EU users. Adobe left 7. Nasty PHP7 remote code execution bug exploited in the wild.

AWS to sponsor Rust project. London police software quarantines thousands of cybercrime reports.

Android Go Pie edition

Exposed data primarily includes emails, but not passwords or financial information. AWS offers Rust project promotional credits after the language's adoption grows inside the company's infrastructure. Over 9, cybercrime reports got quarantined by accident. Scammers are targeting Cash App users hoping for free money. A trite phrase but true: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. City of Johannesburg held for ransom by hacker gang. A group named "Shadow Kill Hackers" is asking local officials for 4 bitcoins or they'll release city data online.

GitLab backs down on telemetry changes and forced tracking - for now. Negative feedback from the community has forced GitLab to rethink its data collection plans. Google promises to replace Home devices bricked by flawed firmware update. Your unintended new doorstop will be replaced, the tech giant says.

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Hotel's in-room assistants could have been used to spy on guests. Tokyo hotel performs emergency update to patch vulnerability exposed by ethical hacker. Image: Screengrab from Decoded Pixel video.

It noted that the above graphic took new phone launches into account as well, and the likes of Samsung delivered more new phones than Lenovo during this period. When it comes to the actual time taken to update older devices to Android Pie, Nokia was ahead here too. HMD Global covered 94 percent of its portfolio in 12 months.

Android Pie: How to improve Battery life using Adaptive battery/background apps manager

The Finnish brand was followed by Xiaomi 62 percent updated in 12 months , Lenovo 52 percent , Huawei 40 percent , Vivo 28 percent , and Samsung 23 percent. The tracking firm specifically called out Alcatel and Tecno for lagging behind other manufacturers in terms of Android updates.

Check out the graphic below for a better idea of how the manufacturers stack up.

Cell phone tracker for nokia 9

The Counterpoint representative noted that little effort was made by top brands to deliver regular feature and security updates. He added that features like battery life, the camera, and other aspects are linked to the performance of the operating system. Do you take Android updates into account before buying a smartphone? Let us know in the comments! Hadlee Simons. Editor's Pick. Which manufacturer updates its smartphones fastest: Android Pie edition Android updates: we hear of so many, we receive so few.

They can be buggy, they can be late, and they can frustrate. But they seem to be getting faster. Or at least that's what's shown here …. More posts about Nokia. When should you expect to receive Android 10?

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Updated October 25 Team AA 2 days ago. Nokia 9. Nokia 7.

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